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Why do we "Ride for the Relay"?
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Richard Neer - All the way Gang 2011/2013
RIP our friend
      Richard Neer  1948 - 2014
Richard passed away Friday May 30, 2014

On behalf of the All the way Gang family, the services of Richard Neer was attended by Sarah Boivin, Paul Boivin, Gary Mizer and Rodger L. Fox.

A memorial Fund has been set up, by his families request, to
"Ride for the Relay" with all contributions mailed to and checks make out to:
Ride for the Relay
63 East Central Park Plaza
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

If you have questions please feel free to call me, Rodger Fox (217) 473-1525.

Many beautiful things have been said about Richard in the last few days by many of his friends.  I can't add much to what has already been said.  I considered Richard a close friend, we talked a lot and I was very happy I got to spend time with him in Litchfield on May 16/17.  If I took nothing else away from my friendship with Richard, I truly feel I am a better person just for knowing him.

If you would like to leave a comment about Richard for his family to see, please go to our Guest Book.

September 6, 2014 Ride for the Relay leaves Chicago

Continue helping us fine a Cure for Cancer by supporting our fundraising efforts.  Our next Ride for the Relay is
September 6, 2014
Our 2014 color will be:  GREEN
Our Fundraising Goal will be:  $25,000
Our Dedication this year will be to:  Sherry Prather Wadina

Sherry had been a silent partner and Corporate Sponsor for several years.  She was my Class Mate (61'), my friend and a Classy Lady.  This year we will dedicate Ole Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica to Sherry, she will be missed.

If you want to travel with us please fill out the "Rider/Sponsor Application" located on the drop down menu and mail it in.

Total Funds (2013) Raised as of 6-19-2014
Total Funds (2014) Raised as of 7-22-2014       $9,733.63 
2013 is in the History Books, it was a good year of fundraising, thank you to everyone that supported us.
Rodger L. Fox founded "Ride for the Relay" foundation in 2006 to raise money to help find a Cure for Cancer.  As of this date we have raised over $140,000 with the ride and other fundraising efforts.  If you would like to know more or get involved call, eMail, write a letter or come on over.  

This was our 9th "Ride for the Relay".  We are getting larger each year and we are always looking for Riders and Drivers.  That's right you can drive your car, several have done it in the past and we would love for you to go..
You will find that riding or driving, will bring you happiness and strength and new friendships like you have never had..

Our Ride is open to everyone regardless of what you ride or drive.
It is a 12 day ride with a life time of memories.

Call (217) 473-1525 for details.
eMail:  rodgerlfox@mchsi.com

Ride for the Relay
Rodger L. Fox
63 East Central Park Plaza
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

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